WORKING THEORY is an ensemble band that performs original music written by lyricist, composer and musician Mark Baughman. The music played by the band is characterized by well-crafted, tight lyrics addressing contemporary personal and social issues, and who’s sound falls broadly into the rock music genre. Baughman belongs to a tradition of artists such as The Who, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchell. Those artists focus on stories and music that supports those stories, rather than sticking to the classic format of a particular genre of music.

Baughman's story-telling-through music talents took off with the formation of WORKING THEORY to produce and perform his first rock opera, 99: A Rock Opera. It tells a modern love story with the backdrop of political activism, where it seems that every issue in contemporary life is a call to take sides.


Baughman's second rock opera, Release, tells the story of Amy – an African American medical corps veteran suffering from PTSD, Thom – a son of privilege who made a stupid mistake and ruined his life, and Patrick – a teenager trapped in his autistic world. All three live their own forms of an alienated lives and find each other in a Wyoming mental clinic where they discover that they may be able to help each other get back into the bigger world.

Since Release Baughman has produced two new albums of material including Charmed Life and She Dreams of the Ghost. He is now writing and recording a new rock opera entitled Energie.

WORKING THEORY takes different shapes and forms depending on the venue - from an unplugged acoustic duet to a 7-piece rock band with elaborate video backgrounds helping to tell the stories in the songs.


WHat they’re saying


Working Theory are based in the USA, they are set to release their latest album entitled She Dreams of the Ghost. It contains ten tracks of the finest rock that I have heard in a long time.

Although Working Theory are not a metal act, they have produced an album that somehow manages to capture the true spirit of where metal evolved from. Throughout the album I can hear influences from bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Yes to name just a few. There are also hints of the 70’s and 80’s era of rock from acts like Gary Moore, Marillion, Thin Lizzy, Frank Zappa and Queen.

Obviously the band possess a huge amount of talent to incorporate these styles and also mingle into the blues an funk genres from time to time. The guitarist certainly knows his stuff, very well constructed riffs, harmonies and some of the smoothest solos I have heard for some time. The vocals remind me of the late Gary Moore, which is not a bad thing, indeed, it actually takes me back to the first time I heard the classic Empty Rooms many years ago, there is something about that voice that penetrates the mind and takes me back to a happy place in my youth. The drums are technically excellent, on point, but not overpowering the rest of the music out, like some bands seem to do these days. The bassist is also a master of his craft, also funky crossing over to funk / fusion and jazzy parts at times, very well executed.

All in all Working Theory have released a solid album that I could listen to on long drives, to chill out with really easy on the ears, not over produced, to the point back to the roots rock album


With their edgy rock tones and uncompromising attitude, Working Theory set out to combine unique riffs with massive rhythm sections and upfront lyricism. Their most recent release is a project titled “Unrelenting.”

The title of this track stays true to the band’s eclectic dynamics and broad creative scope. The beginning of the track is very cinematic, combining earnest acoustic tones with cinematic strings. Soon after that, the guitar riffs kick in along with the drums and the vocals. There is a shade of 80s metal here, making this release truly one-of-a-kind. What’s really impressive about this one is definitely the fact that Working Theory combined some cool retro aesthetics with the massive punch of modern rock, blurring the lines between the best of both worlds!

Fans of artists like Iron Maiden, Stone Sour or Dio are definitely going to enjoy this one. However, even purveyors of bands like Bon Jovi, Motorhead, and Blue Oyster Cult will dig the sound of this release!

Find out more about Working Theory, and do not miss out on “Unrelenting” here


Photography by Jonathan Zuck, Lenore Boulet & Frank Turner