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A (mostly) Unplugged Working Theory Show

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"You won’t find a combination of thoughtful songwriting and explosive music in this genre that’s more impressive than the work coming from Mark Baughman’s Working Theory right now."

- The Ark of Music

Stripping Mark's songs down to the bare essentials reveals what makes his songs so remarkable. The lyrics are sharp, perceptive and thought-provoking. The melodies and riffs sit in your mind for long after the song is done. And the arrangements take you on a trip with every song.

"I want my songs to unpack themselves, to be a journey and give the listeners a feeling of surprise and discovery"

Mark's perceptive lyrics are a passionate search for objective truth in life, whether it's about politics, social justice, religion or personal relationships. Too prosaic to be poetic, Mark's lyrics are far too poetic to be prose.  

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