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Mark is busy writing and recording songs for the new album “No Prophet Here,” after which he'll be on to writing the stageplay for "Victoria Falls" which will include both the NPH and VF albums. Have a listen.


Written and recorded during the Covid lockdown, these new songs point to new musical directions in Mark’s writing, and are underscored by the anxieties of a country that feels at times like it’s about to come apart. “Racing to the Bottom” is a haunting ballad that looks at the profound sadness of the George Floyd murder, those that came before, and the sadly predictable fallout since. In the play we will see that these kind of events are not unique to the United States, but they play out endlessly, on and on around the world.


It's not like we've been hibernating through this lockdown. Think of us as the guy who goes out to catch a whale in a rowboat with a bucket of tartar sauce. We're learning all of the hardest of Mark's songs.

Bassist Gil Glass joined the band last year, rocking bottom end. And now Keyboardist and Guitarist John Coventry has joined the band to beef up our musicianship on stage. 


Mark's so prolific that you can miss a lot if you have a life and are not getting instantaneous notices from his SoundCloud page. Here's a few faves that you may have overlooked or forgotten:

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