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Divided by Zero

Copyright 2021-22 Mark Baughman

Divided by Zero is Mark's musical and lyrical exploration into how we are reshaped and repurposed through life, affected by our experiences, and sometimes lost without a way back. The opening song May Pole embodies this concept, starting with a delta blues ballad that turns into a focused, hard rocker that then goes to blank verse and almost off the rails. Nearer to Nowhere is a sophisticated jazz-rock study of the affect of false prophets on the weak and vulnerable. Currency describes a woman lashing out with what little she has left - her pain and loneliness. Seven Years at Sea is a travelogue that describes that author's life after learning about a debilitating illness that will change his life, and all the drama that followed. In Time for the Rain is a sardonic look at the worship of pop culture figures. Last Light is for and about African human rights activist Blackman Bausi, who was kidnapped from his home, tortured and released after the people of his native Goma protested. Backman wrote and performs a special song within the song, in French, which is heavy on the F-word....Forgiveness. Cut Throat Razor is about being at the end of the road, lost and hurt, expressed in a way only Mark's guitar can adequately express. The album resolves with Get Me Back to Birmingham, a sentimental song about the ablution of love.

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