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The Distance

Copyright 2022-2024 Mark Baughman

The Distance is both more focused and expansive than Mark's previous efforts. The songs explore themes of disillusion and affirmation. As always, Mark uses his ability to seamlessly pass between musical genres to explore the songs' concepts, yet it all holds together as a single work. 

The album opens with an alt-rock Hand on the Scale that poses questions about who is on what side saluting what while time signatures fight underneath. 

The infusion of jazz with an exceptional saxophone solo, gives breadth and depth to the desperate soul searching of Go The Distance.

Never Coming Home is about a memory, set off by a scent, that comes back hard.

Gabby Petito is a haunting, rocking song about the young Instagram phenom who was abused and eventually murdered by her boyfriend. The singer is speaking for the boyfriend, who does not deserve to be named. The real police bodycam audio was used in the outro. Apparently they encountered the couple not long before Gabby was killed.

Mariupol is the story of a Russian soldier who finds out that what he thought were standard maneuvers turned out to be an invasion, And, more horrifying, he discovers his unit is attacking his Uncle's farm where he vacationed as a boy.


The Fields was a happy instrumental written as a diversion for an old friend who was very ill and seeking many kinds of exotic treatments in vain hope.


Broken Windows is one aging radical looking at another, paralyzed in a hospital room, wondering what they really accomplished and if it matters now. 

Time and Space is a kind of 2024 John Donne seduction poem. The Reverend Donne might have even heard the guitar solo from wherever he is now. 

Sparrow's Song was written about a young woman we met on tour in Colorado. She was probably an addict and sweet as she was, it sure seemed like the whole universe was ganging up on her. Making her smile that night seemed like the most worthwhile thing I'd ever done, even for just a moment.

Ordinary People is a Chicago Blues-style number with as few words as I have ever written in a song. Direct and heartfelt and the guitar work. 

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