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Amy wanted to be a doctor. She had the smarts but no money and no connections, so she joined the Army to find her path to medical school. While attending to wounded soldiers in a hospital in Kabul she started to notice something about lab results on spinal patients that seemed like something like an isight. She didn’t know what it meant, but it was not what she expected. She was working the problem over in her mind when Taliban militia attacked the hospital and she was wounded in a blast. Back home she was not the same person she was, and branded with the label “PTSD” she found it impossible to find her way back on to the medical career she dreamt of.


After months of looking for a job, she finally found an oportunity at a small clinic in rural Wyoming. When she got out to the clinic she found it was the kind of place that treated all things “head-related” the same - drugs addiction, nervous disorders, schitzophrenia, autism. The clinic used the same staff for all of these patients, sent out the bills back to the government, got their payments, and everyone was happy except the people that needed help.


It was at this clinic that Amy met Patrick, a teenager with autism. She saw that he was trying to communicate, and it occured to her that he could be quite intelligent inside his shell. As Amy studied the condition, she started to notice something - that insight she had in Kabul could lead to a path to treat Patrick. She also realized that she was just like Patrick, sharing the same real estate as everyone else, but locked into an isolated bubble.


Amy also met Thom, the son of a famous Connecticut doctor, who had been drifting from cinic to clinic ever since he was arrested and thrown out of medical school for dealing speed to his classmates. Tom created his own isolation bubble, but was smart enough to know how to continue to scam the system until he could find a way back to his own promising life. Thom wasn’t sure if he was really falling for Amy or just saw her as a vehicle for his own redemption, but he did know that she was on to something.


To treat Patrick, Amy and Thom needed to get him away from the clinic, where they routinely dosed him with all sorts of chemicals that were impeding his progress. So they decided to take Patrick out to a cabin and feed him the readily available foods and supplements that Amy was sure would let Patrick break through. The clinic called the police and a manhunt ensued to find who kidnapped Patrick. When the authorities found them, Patrick was regressed into a coma. Amy and Thom escaped and shadowed the police as they took Patrick to the hospital.


Amy snuck into Patrick’s room and tried to wake him up, working frantically to solve the problem. Thom knew that Amy was on to something, and he knew only his estranged father could help them. For the first time in his life Thom did something for someone else, begging his father to come help.


Dr. Wilson, Thom’s father, did not disown his son because he was expelled from medical school, he disowned him because Thom’s actions brought up a secret from Dr. Wilson’s past. The reconciliation allowed Dr. Wilson to deal with his own mistakes. He came to the hospital and noticed that Amy’s treatment neglected to consider that the simple vitamin B-12 had to be taken by a needle as it does not absorb into the system. A simple shot and Patrick arose. Lost and found.

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