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Victoria Falls

Copyright 2019-20 Mark Baughman


"I got the original idea for this as I was traveling around the world for work, particularly in the Middle East, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Over the years I made many friends in remote countries, and these were places far different than any place I could have dreamt of growing up in northeast Ohio. When I was in Bangladesh there was a folk band from Wisconsin playing at the Sheraton, and people came far and wide, walking from remote villages, just to hear this unremarkable band. I thought someday after I retired it would be really great fun to put together a band of other retired musicians who could handle the travel and do a Third World Tour, playing in Burundi, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire, Juba, and may other places. It's because that trite saying that music brings people together is really true. Anybody who has played in a band knows that once the song starts, there is something magical that brings the people together.


So, I was on an airplane from Saudi Arabia talking to a guy who was just leaving a foreigners’ compound to go home to his family in Houston, and I asked him if a band like this came to his compound, would he go see them. “I don’t know,” he replied, “but it sounds like a great movie.”" - Mark Baughman

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